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VLSI & Microelectronics

Pepe's main professional development has been in the VLSI area.

PhD Activites

The main PhD Thesis objective was to design a Delta-Sigma Modulator using Floating-Gate MOSFETs.

Floating Gate MOSFET (FGMOS)

The basis for the Delta-Sigma design was mastering the FGMOS. It's basically a MOSFET with an electrically isolated gate and capacitively coupled inputs.

FGMOS Charge Removal and Programming

The fabrication process leaves residual charges in the floating gate, which needs to be cleared before use of the FMGOS. Also, a charge can be injected in the floating gate when needed.

Delta-Sigma Architecture

Filter, control, mathematical theories. Also, use of the simulation tools.

Physical Layout & Simulation

Use of the Mentor Graphics' IC Suite.

Design Verification

Use of the Altium Designer software for PCB design. Verification testbed automation using LabVIEW. Use of remotely programmed Oscilloscopes, I/V Units, Programmable Power Supplies, Arbitrary Function Generators, etc.

Hardware/software integration. Programming of an FPGA for signal capturing and transfer to a PC host. Signal processing (Spectral Measurements) using MS Visual Studio.

Master's Degree Activities

Design and verification of CNN templates for various tasks. Design of a CNN Simulator in MS Visual Studio.

Switch Fabric CNN Design

Design of a CNN Template for a Data Switch Matrix. Simulation and validation using Simulink.

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