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I'm currently using FontLab 5.2.2 for type design. Also, I'm trying the new Fontlab VI.

FontLab Studio 5 and Python

I use Python 3 (64-bit) for programming tasks, but FontLab Studio 5.2.2 requires at least Python 2.7.10 (32-bit) for Macro usage. In order to have a coexistence of Python 2 and Python 3 in the same machine, I followed the next steps:

  1. Install your Python 3 (64-bit) version with all options, including the option to register the file extensions .py and .pyw.
  2. Install Python 2.7.10 (32-bit) or higher, but uncheck the option to register extensions and check the option to add the C:\Python27\ directory (or .exe) to the PATH environment variable. Note: a 32-bit version for Python 2.7 is mandatory.
  3. If the PATH is not updated, update manually.

Tested with Python 3.6.3 (64-bit) / Python 2.7.14 (32-bit) and Python 3.5.4 (64-bit) / Python 2.7.15 (32-bit). Other combinations should work, but may not.

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Page last modified May 26, 2021.

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