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Python Programming


This page has Python programming project, notes, resources, etc.

Project Management Common Tasks Notes

Snippets for common tasks:

Virtual Environment Preparation

I installed Python 3.10 but deactivated the PATH option, so I can reach it only using the py command. To prepare a new virtual environment in the current directory, I typed:

py -m venv .

This creates the required folders and commands. Used a dot (.) for the current directory or type a directory to be created where you are. After using activate, you can install your required packages by using:

pip install <package>

or, if you already have a requirements.txt file, you can use:

pip install -r requirements.txt

In order to list the current packages installed and keep them in a requirements.txt file for later re-install, you can run the freeze command:

pip freeze > requirements.txt

To check the currently installed packages:

pip list

Page last modified May 10, 2022.

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