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C Language Programming

C is the lingua franca of programming. Learn it.

Operators Precedence

Prec Operator Description Associativity
1 ++ -- Suffix increment and decrement Left-to-right
() Function call
[] Array subscripting
. Structure and union member access
-> Structure and union member access through pointer
(type)⁠{list} Compound literal (C99)
2 ++ -- Prefix increment and decrement Right-to-left
+ - Unary plus and minus
! ~ Logical NOT and bitwise NOT
(type) Cast
* Indirection (dereference)
& Address-of
sizeof Size-of
_Alignof Alignment requirement (C11)
3 * / % Multiplication, division, and remainder Left-to-right
4 + - Addition and subtraction
5 << >> Bitwise left shift and right shift
6 < <= For relational operators < and ≤ respectively
> >= For relational operators > and ≥ respectively
7 == != For relational = and ≠ respectively
8 & Bitwise AND
9 ^ Bitwise XOR (exclusive OR)
10 | Bitwise OR (inclusive OR)
11 && Logical AND
12 || Logical OR
13 ?: Ternary conditional Right-to-Left
14 = Simple assignment
+= -= Assignment by sum and difference
*= /= %= Assignment by product, quotient, and remainder
<<= >>= Assignment by bitwise left shift and right shift
&= ^= |= Assignment by bitwise AND, XOR, and OR
15 , Comma Left-to-right



As part of a PDF surgical modification program, I will use the zlib for decompression. I had to build it from source to get the static library, though mingw64 library seems to include it.

Section Two

Another paragraph of explanations. Also a picture for the explanation:

Title of the Image

Caption describing the image above.

Windows 7 64-bit Driver Info

Windows 7 Logo.

Pinky's original OS was Windows Vista 32-bit. The OS was upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and SP3 was applied. Many drivers were automatically applied, but some devices remained driverless. Officially, SONY won't offer Win7 64b drivers for this model. The following drivers were tried and found operative. Note that they are experimental settings and may not work in all cases.

Sony Firmware Extension Parser

Needed for an unrecognized ACPI device. Used the file SODOTH-00228472-1040.exe from another model.

Synaptics Touchpad

A driver is needed to access some features of the touchpad. Downloaded directly from Synaptics website.


The inertia setting was found to cause problems while dragging (it releases the object as you lift your finger from the touchpad), so it was deselected.

Graphics and Sound seems to be working Ok. Most other functions are operative, so I didn't install any other driver.

Note: Models used for reference: VGN-CR260FE, VGN-CR320E.

Code Example & Others

Lastly, a piece of code — a Turing Machine:

#include <iostream>
#define Z atoi(b[a++])
int main(int a,char**b){
	int c=a=1,d=0,e=2;

Thank you very much…

Page last modified November 23, 2022.

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