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Apart from enjoying music listening, Pepe has been a musician at some points of his life!

Instruments Played

Electronic Organ

Being young, Pepe learnt to play some Electronic Organ. He use to play a Yamaha Electone.


On high school, Pepe played drums as a part of a band. He also played drums for some school plays.

After his Master's Degree studies, and while studying his Doctoral Degree, Pepe retook his drum playing as part of a band. He mainly played rock and jazz.


Pepe played a little saxophone while in his Master's Degree studies, but sadly later abandoned the instrument.

Electric Bass

Finishing his Doctoral Degree studies, Pepe also played some Electric Bass with his Jazz Band.

Music Listening

Pepe enjoys most music styles. As a kid, he really appreciated Classical Music, being his favorites the William Tell Overture: Finale, Poet and Peasant Overture, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, The Sousa Marches and some Tchaikovsky's Pieces.

Nowadays, Pepe enjoys mainly Classical Music, Jazz and Swing and Anime Music.

Using youtube-dl to Get Music

youtube-dl is a derivative from the ffmpeg project, used to get audio and video from some online platforms. The following simple guide is what Pepe uses to get music from YouTube.

Requirements and Setup

youtube-dl requires Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2+, except when downloaded as a standalone executable. For some transcoding options it requires ffmpeg.

There are graphical UIs for youtube-dl, but you can do basic downloading from command line. Start by creating a temporary folder easily accessible from the command line. Pepe used, e.g., C:\temp. Extract youtube-dl.exe there. You can also create a folder there with the ffmpeg binaries.

Basic Easy Usage

Once you know the address of the youtube video you want the music extracted from, copy the address to clipboard. Open a command prompt (e.g., press Windows+R and type cmd followed by Enter) and type youtube-dl -F address. The -F switch will make the program output all the available formats for the video stored by the youtube servers. If you want only the audio, you can select any of the formats that indicate audio only under the resolution header. Then, select the code under the format code header. Now, type youtube-dl -f code address to begin the download.

Update: youtube-dl doesn't seem to work anymore, so use the updated version youtube-dlc from this repository. Usage is the same.

UTAU Singing Synthesizer

UTAU is a free alternative to a Vocaloid engine. Check a tutorial for its use. The default voice is Defoko (Utane Uta) and is included in the program, but you can download her voice bank here.

Page last modified December 12, 2022.

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