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Pepe has been drawing since child, first creating stories based on a modified Peanut Comics' Snoopy. After his late university years, he started watching anime and modified his style accordingly.

Pepe's Galleries

Some sites where Pepe show his drawings:

Article: Blue line removal

Folowing is a quick guide to removal of blue pencil traces using Photoshop CS6:

Article: Convert Grayscale Image to Transparent PNG

Sometimes you will have an image with a background color you need to make transparent. For example, when producing typographic samples, we may get an image of black text with white background, but we may wish to put the black text over another background. In order to remove the white background in this case, we will use the same image to create a transparency mask. We will be using Photoshop CS6.

Assuming you want to make the white area transparent:

Article: Resize Animated GIF

Using Photoshop CS6 to resize an animated GIF is quite straightforward: open, resize as you would normally do with an image, and then use File > Save for Web... Using the default options must preserve timing and coloring.

Links: Posing Software

I will need to use pose software for some projects. Here is a list of possible software I could use:

Photoshop Plug-Ins

Various plug-ins for Photoshop:

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